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Features and Benefits

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It is my belief that one of the biggest challenges facing businesses today is how to attract, hire, train, retain and develop the right people.”
~Rick Tiemann


Features and Benefits

The 16PF Questionnaire is a unique tool that enables you to reliably pinpoint personal qualities that influence behavior in the workplace.  It provides a greater ability to predict an individual’s performance potential in a given role and uncover development needs as well as evaluate capacity to handle greater responsibilities in the future.

“When I began my practice 24+ years ago, I discovered my clients had a need to learn more about their people. As a result, I started searching for an assessment tool that would fill that need. I evaluated and sampled many assessments on the market. After much research and a lot of questions, I picked the 16PF because of the depth it offered as a psychological instrument, the years of research and development behind it and its reliability and validity. Today, it is still my instrument of choice.” ~Rick Tiemann

Our assessment process focuses on using the 16PF Personality Questionnaire as our main assessment tool.  The 16PF is one of the most widely used, statistically validated psychological assessments on the market today. The results of the 16PF are based on the “Big Five” model of personality, a predominantly-accepted model for other psychological assessments as well.

The 16PF provides a two-tiered system that measures five Global Factors for a useful first glance at an individual’s characteristics and traits before looking more in-depth at the 16PF Primary Factors which provide a deeper explanation for predicting behavior and performance.

The five global factors measure drive and influence, social and interpersonal skills, self-control (a person’s work habits and work ethics), practicality and thinking style, and emotional resilience.  The last two areas, practicality and emotional resilience are unique to the 16PF and not found on any of the other basic assessments.

Also, unique to the 16PF is a section that explores a person’s level of reasoning and problem-solving skills.  Therefore, in one self-contained assessm16pffeaturesbenefitsent you have very specific measures of personality traits and general mental ability.

For higher level positions we blend in other assessments and utilize a battery of assessments for greater depth of information. The right combination of assessments will identify specific behavior dimensions as well as critical thinking skills, revealing cognitive style, problem solving ability, energy level, motivations, workplace coping skills, self-control, drive and independence and interpersonal skills.

We help you select a battery of assessments and which report will do the best job of linking the data to the role for sound decisions throughout the life cycle of your talent management process. All reports provide information about strengths, weaknesses and areas of development in a language relevant to the situation and position.

Ranging from entry level or supervisory, administrative, technical or managerial, our reports can provide the necessary information to reliably predict an individual’s behavior and performance potential.

The following interpretive reports are useful in a variety of applications from selection/intervention/promotion decisions to personal and professional development planning and succession planning:

  • The Personnel Report (PR)
  • The Customer Service Report (CSPR)
  • The Sales Interview Report (SIR)
  • The Manager Personnel Report (MPR)
  • Onboarding Report (OBR)
  • Sales Development Report (SDR)
  • Manager Development Report (MDR)
“I believe the 16PF is the Gold Standard of psychometric testing.” ~Dr. Steve O’Shaunessy

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