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Guess or Assess – Exploring Assessments

Behavior is the single biggest predictor of performance. The right assessments provide the ability to measure behavior and predict success. Assessments, like the people they measure, are diverse and possess their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Utilize highly validated and statistically reliable assessments to help develop a strong selection and development process.

We have found successful companies share a common trait. They understand that it’s all about people: hiring, promoting and retaining the right people and providing the resources and development opportunities so they can excel in their roles and move up the ladder.

The biggest challenge organizations face is how to identify the right people. There are a number of unknowns such as: how will individuals perform in specific roles, where are their gaps, what is their potential? Sometimes you don’t have all the answers you need.

Traditionally we hire for the reasons listed here.
But does this reveal the whole picture?


When you look at the reasons why we fire it is clear
there needs to be a method to uncover these problems up front.


Guess or Assess? Assessments are a KEY component in evaluating and understating people’s behavior and play in integral part in assessing and developing leaders. The right assessments can reveal how people cope with problems, their level of emotional resolve, their level of self-awareness and their level of emotional intelligence. Assessments can also be used to understand the depth of a person’s critical thinking skills and problem-solving ability.

The insight about an individual’s personality, behavior, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills is vital. Integrating objective assessment data into your talent management process provides important information that often can’t be uncovered by traditional means. Sometimes problematic behaviors don’t emerge for 3-6 months after the initial hire date. Sometimes they don’t emerge until someone is promoted to a higher level position within the company.

assessmentsbottomline2Our assessment process provides objective data to supplement what you are already doing and confirm your thoughts and ideas.

It can uncover behaviors or areas that may be red flags which you need to investigate further before making a decision.

We can show you how to take a deeper dive into personality behavior, emotional intelligence and critical thinking skills, to help determine job fit, find out the answers to performance potential questions and more.  With the proper assessments you can have a higher probability to predict outcomes.  Why gamble with your most valuable asset?

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