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Developing World Class Leaders by Rick Tiemann explores why the vast majority of leadership programs fail to deliver satisfactory results and what can be done to create a world-class program. It explores the guiding principles and strategies to maximize a leadership development program and is a step-by-step guide and resource for business leaders to gain an in-depth understanding of the steps necessary for success. More…

What’s Leadership Got To Do With It?

This dynamic 15 part radio series examines the role of leadership and its impact on success. Each show contains a wealth of information and experiences from the perspective of Rick Tiemann, President of The Executive Group. Topics include the five most significant dynamics that will effect leadership and success, and much more. More…

Keynote Speaking

Rick Tiemann is Your Keynote Speaker Rick Tiemann delivers entertaining, motivational, and informative keynotes on topics that are most relevant to professionals in today’s fast-paced, constantly changing business environment. More…


Rick’sTips, Chalk Talk & Sales Excellence Instructional Publications for insight on leadership competencies, deeper understanding of the 16PF personality factors, or best practices on sales techniques these publications will provide information that can be a valuable resource to any leader, human resource or sales professional. More…

Recommended Reading List

Reading is an important part of your continued learning process. To further assist you with your personal and professional development, we invite you to review our recommended reading list and dive into those which will provide you with information and insights to help you reach your goals. More…

Leadership Culture Survey

How strong is your Leadership Culture? There are many reasons why leadership programs fail to deliver effective results. Take our Leadership Culture Survey and see how well you prepare your leaders for success. More…

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