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Chalk Talk Factor F

CHALK TALK provides advanced interpretation for 16PF users and is designed to assist in a greater understanding of the various performance factors outlined in the 16PF Personality Questionnaire.  This edition features…..

Factor F – Liveliness

Factor F; liveliness is a contributor to the global scale Extroversion.  A high score on Factor F contributes to Extroversion with a high-energy, carefree and exuberant quality.  While a low score on Factor F contributes to Introversion with qualities described as serious, quiet, and subdued.

High scorers:

Individuals with high Factor F scores have a high overall level of energy.  They are high-spirited, animated, playful, and fun loving.  Their approach to life is spontaneous and uninhibited; exhibiting a carefree, childlike exuberance.  They are the “life of the party” and enjoy being the center of attention or the class clown.  They tend to be talkative and entertaining; with a witty sense of humor.  A trait often seen in entertainers, especially stand up comics.

High scorers usually have a fast paced lifestyle.  They are attracted to exciting events and activities and respond quickly to stimuli.

They have a divergent thinking style and can brainstorm many ideas simultaneously.  They are able to look at a situation from several different angles at the same time.  They think fast on their feet, generating many ideas in rapid succession and articulate them with few inhibitions.

Extremely High (9-10)

Extremely High F scores can have adverse effects on relationships.  While these individuals are stimulating and entertaining, their exuberance can be draining on others.  They often know many people as acquaintances, but of have few mature or deep relationships.  They make commitments or promises that they find hard to keep.

Low scorers:

Lower Factor F scorers take a cautious and serious approach to life.  Because they are slow-paced, they tend to be more prudent and reflective to situations.  They are deliberate in their actions and make decisions only after careful consideration to all aspects.  They anticipate difficulties and avoid risks.  They have the ability to intensely concentrate for long periods of time.  Tedious and demanding tasks that take great lengths of time are not a problem for the Low Factor F scorer.

Their steady and consistent nature makes them reliable and dependable.  They take their responsibilities seriously.  Many appreciate their mature, responsible nature.

Extremely Low (1-2)

Extremely low scorers tend to avoid social situations and have few friends.  They may have a lack of enjoyment or “zest” for life and appear to have a heavy spirit.  They are more quick to notice what can go wrong than what might be right.  Their inhibitions may be so high that they are unable to relax or become bound by habit.

Descriptors for Factor  F (Liveliness)

Low High
Serious, quiet, cautious Enthusiastic, animated
Deliberate, reflective Spontaneous, carefree
Introspective, prudent Fun-loving, high spirited
Reliable, sober, subdues Energetic, exuberant
Careful, takes life seriously Excitement seeking
Predictable Impulsive


When considering any factor on the 16PF Questionnaire, it is important to remember that correlations exist between factors.  These correlations contribute to an individual’s liveliness and help us gain a true or clearer view of the individual.

Factors that correlate with Factor F are Factor A (warmth), Factor H (social boldness), Factor N (privateness), and Factor Q2 (self-reliance).  These factors make up the Extraversion Score on the Global Factor Scale.  People with a high F, high A, high H, but a low N and a low Q2 contributes to the liveliness and high energy qualities.

Factor F also contributes to the Self-Control score on the Global Factor Scale.  Low Factor F with a high Factor G (rule consciousness) and a high Factor Q3 (perfectionism), and a low Factor M (abstractedness) indicates a serious and cautious individual.


Individuals with a high Factor F score will enjoy jobs that require energy, provide excitement, and are varied in tasks and responsibilities.  They like to multi-task.  A job that is tedious or rote will bore the high F.  Occupations such as marketing manager, buyer, salesperson, flight attendant, and fashion designer are attractive to someone with a high Factor F score.

Any occupation requiring steady, in-depth concentration or careful attention will entice a low Factor F scorer.  Occupations where they can apply their diligence will appeal to this individual.  Scientist, engineer, computer programmer, machine operator, production worker, electrician and farmer make a good fit for a low Factor F.

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