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Managing Conflict


Managing Conflict

“The talent most lacking in corporate America is the ability to effectively manage conflict in the workplace.” – Bob Delaney

Rick’sTIPS explores the competencies necessary for successful leadership and provides activities to assist with the development and mastery of these skills.

“30% of a typical manager’s time is spent dealing with conflict.”
– Thomas K and Schmidt


It is human nature to avoid conflict. The more a manager cares about the people who work for him, the more difficult conflict management becomes.  Do not confuse being more direct with being confrontational. More often than not we think of conflict as being negative, in the same way we view and treat anger as being negative. Anger in the workplace usually exists where strong emotions exist. It is expected that conflict and anger will exist among people who care about an issue. Learn to recognize conflict as a good thing.

To be able to manage conflict we must first recognize the signs within ourselves. When an individual has a high regard for people, those tendencies may unknowingly increase conflict and may include:

  • Over accommodating, wanting everyone to get along
  • May get upset as a reaction to conflict, takes it personally
  • Gives in and says yes too soon
  • Gets into conflict by accident; doesn’t see it coming
  • Will let things fester rather than dealing with them directly
  • Will try to wait long enough for it to go away


I hope you found this edition of Rick’sTIPS:  Managing Conflict beneficial.

I look forward to providing you with information that makes your life more productive.

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