Linking Human Capital With Strategic Intent

Sales Excellence

Sales Excellence explores the best practices on improving sales effectiveness by identifying individual developmental needs.

How Deep Is Your Well?

A critical necessity for the human body is water. While this is not original information, the correlation to sales and being successful is profound. Just as the human body needs water, the salesperson needs prospects. More…

Bids & Quotes – How to Improve Your Odds of Closing MORE Deals

When someone asks us to quote on something, our excitement and enthusiasm usually cause us to respond with a resounding, “Yes, SURE WE CAN!” Why do we do this? Why do we jump and react rather than think it through? More…

End of Year Business Review – Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

When it comes to building our book of business and planning our strategies, there are a couple of things we as sales people need to think about and keep in mind. Beginning after Labor Day and into the 4th quarter your clients will evaluate many things… More…

Dialing for Dollars

Prospecting; it’s every salespersons nightmare! Isn’t it funny just how heavy that phone can really be? Every salesperson is faced with the challenge of filling his pipeline and using the telephone is an essential component. It is something you should not only “get good” at, but is wise to perfect. More…

Staying Out of “Voice Mail Jail”!

Do not take this basic sales principle for granted; leaving an effective voice mail is critical to your success or you just might wind up in “Voice Mail Jail!” Leaving the proper voice mail can mean the difference between returned calls or lost opportunities. More…

Sally G and the “Keys to the Kingdom”

Her name is Sally G. Ms. Sally G to you, and you better get to know her on a first name basis. Believe it or not, she holds the “Keys to your Kingdom.” Her full name is Sally Gate-Keeper. Now you may or not be familiar with a woman who has a hyphenated last name, but it is a sure indicator she isn’t going to be sweet talked. And a special word of caution, don’t call her “Honey”, or “Hun”, or “Dear”, or “Sweetheart”, that’ll get you nowhere, fast. More…

DSFE ABCs of Strategy

In some sales training circles, the ABC’s of selling stands for; Always Be Closing. That is certainly worthy of noting and a great strategy, one I subscribe to myself and one you should adopt, but more on that another time. I am referring to the ABC’s as a strategy based approach that is focused on optimizing your time, your income, and your account management strategy. More…

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