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rick_suit_smRick Tiemann, President
“It is my belief that one of the biggest challenges facing business today is how to attract, hire, train, retain and develop the right people.”

Our Basic Assessment Process

Our basic assessment process, designed for entry level and non-managerial positions, begins with the 16PF questionnaire and the Personnel Report (a proprietary property).  Presented in an easy to follow format, the Personnel Report breaks down the 16PF results into understandable language that provides specific assessment of an individual’s work-related personality characteristics.

There are some personality characteristics that may raise concerns about how well the candidate can perform almost any job. For example, people who are easily frustrated or extremely impractical are likely to have trouble adapting to most kinds of work. Other personality characteristics are relevant only to particular jobs. For instance, while friendliness or being highly social is usually an asset for sales or customer service, it may interfere with job success in positions like computer programmer or bookkeeper.

The Personnel Report (PR) covers both types of personality job interactions. On the general side, it can indicate areas of potential concern to be assessed by further evaluation. On the specific side, the traits discussed in the narrative description of the subject’s personality assist decision-makers, in coordination with other sources of data, in finding the person whose characteristics most closely align with the job.

Imagine having this kind of comprehensive information readily available to assist you in making selection, placement, and promotion decisions based upon job effectiveness and reliability as you compare the skills and competencies necessary for the job.

Performance Factors

Potential Risk Factors

Work-Related Personality Description

Profile Summary Graph

Profile Validity


You don’t have to be an expert to interpret the 16PF or any of the assessments or reports we provide. The various reports take the burden out of interpretation. Reports come with easy to follow User’s Manuals to help with interpretation. Basic training and advanced training are available to help you get the most benefit from the report.

Basic Interpretation

Advanced Interpretation


The Executive Group consultants are available by appointment to discuss the reports and provide insight in the analysis of the assessment.

Customer Support

Our Customer Support staff is trained to design and administer a process that fits your needs. We provide User’s Manuals to aid both the administration and interpretation of the assessment.

Job Profiling

We have the ability to design a job specific selection process to help you define hiring parameters, conduct validation studies and create a customized report. A validation study helps determine what differentiates the characteristics of high performers versus low performers within a specific job class.  To compare the two we statistically evaluate assessment data and performance ratings to compute a ratings scale that identifies how closely your candidate’s responses to the 16PF coincide with those of high performers. This gives another data point to evaluate performance potential and likelihood of success in particular job class normed to your company.

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