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Unreliable Behaviors


substanceabusegraphicA new study conducted by The Executive Group, in conjunction with Dr. Neil Rattan and Peter Rosencrans*, studies the behaviors of individuals considered to be well adjusted (behaviors considered to be reliable) and compared them with the behaviors of admitted substance abusers (behaviors considered to be unreliable). The study was conducted to compare the overlaps between “normal” personality traits and disadvantageous behaviors, especially those which may lead to reliability and performance issues in employees.

The study’s findings were conclusive that Dr. Michael Karson’s** work with personality assessments can predict unreliable behavior traits in potential and current employees.  It was further found that these “disadvantageous behaviors” had a substantial correlation to traits found in individuals experiencing substance abuse issues.  The intent was to see if you could separate the behaviors of individuals experiencing some form of substance abuse from job applicants.

A detailed study report is available to download above. If you have any questions or would like to discuss the results of the study, please contact Rick Tiemann at 219-477-6378 or via email at


*Peter Rosencrans is the Clinical Research Coordinator at the Center for Anxiety and Traumatic Stress Disorder.
**Dr. Michael Karson is the senior author of 16PF Interpretation in Clinical Practice, Fifth Edition, 1989.

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