Clearing Away the Fog to Uncover True Leadership Development

The best magician shows include lots of fog and mist to cover their intentions, but such visuals are a major deterrent to leadership development in the business world. Indeed, we know that transparency, respect, and open feedback are strong tools with respect to developing great leaders who have a passion for transforming organizations.

And yet, the fog hangs heavily over far too many companies. In order to truly grow the business, we have to clear the fog away for real leadership development.

What does that look like, realistically?

Top Leadership Buy-In

The old saying that fish rots from the head may bring rather bleak visuals to mind, but it makes sense in leadership development. As most companies build culture from the top-down, it’s wise to ensure that senior leaders embrace leadership development through a cohesive message.

  •  Is the leadership development program truly codified, or merely a vague mention here and there?
  • What’s the desired outcome related to core business objectives, vision, and long-term strategy?

  • Is there active time allotted for leadership development?

These are simply starting questions; senior leaders will need to refer back to their unique company culture to begin truly refining their in-house leadership development programs. However, this does not remove the potential for expanded results through outside coaching, consulting, and leadership development programs.

The Requirement: Truly Synchronized Actions

The best actions are often the simplest. A learning organization where leadership development is a priority has good synchrony between words and actions. Words alone are easy, but not effective.

The missing half is action: it has to line up the right actions with those paper words to create an experience that’s more than words on a screen. Senior leadership can’t merely concentrate the actions at the top either: all levels of the organization have to feel that leadership development is a certainty, not a mere possibility.

Fear or Fun?

A culture steeped in fear will never brew anything worth drinking, metaphorically speaking. Ultimately, the “tea” available in an organization is directly controlled by leadership. Senior leadership sets the tone for others to follow.

Step back and ask different questions. What would fun look like in the organization? It is quite possible to have a fun culture that is still productive, professional, and precise.

In fact, passionate, engaged, and connected managers increase their precision in a culture that has room for fun and learning because they know it’s safe to challenge themselves. They can test out new things and grow from the experience without fearing their positions in the company are as delicate as cotton candy.

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