Developing Sales Force Effectiveness

Do your salespeople have the personality traits to fit the sales role you need them to fill? Are your salespeople meeting quota? Being able to quantify a salesperson’s behaviors and critical thinking skills can improve the quality and caliber of your sales force. We have a program designed to improve your sales results and cut the assessment time from 2 years to 3 months.

Given the dynamics of today’s market conditions, this approach is leading to compressed margins due to your customers systematically eliminating everything that they believe makes your company special or different. How do we know if our salespeople are capable of making a difference? And more importantly, how do we know they can make the transition? Through our process we can tell you their probability of success and help establish a track to improving their output. Our process can also make incremental improvements on your high performers’ results.

Are Your Salespeople Meeting Quota

In 24 years of evaluating sales force effectiveness we have found that 20% to 25% of most salespeople are selling below quota. What is true for your organization?

What Are Your Under-Performers Costing You?

If an individual is underperforming badly (in the bottom 25th performance percentile, for example), the company is definitely losing money:

Developing Sales Force Effectiveness


25% Of salespeople selling below quota

24 Months = 12 months to train + 12 months to assess

2+ Years Direct Expenses

6 Months management expense to hire, assess, and terminate

An individual performing between the 25th percentile and the 60th percentile, is in the Too Good to Throw away, But Not Good Enough to Keep category. With so many salespeople performing ineffectively in this category, this is the most costly group: there are additional non-recuperative costs (CRM time/usage, costs lost/stolen, warranty expenses related to misapplied products, etc.) and probably adds a full year to the assessment period.

Our Process Can Cut The Assessment Time From 2 Years To 3 Months

Developing Sales Force Effectiveness 1

Sales Interview Report

Behavioral based interviewing is hard to do. The Sales Interview Report (SIR) takes all the guesswork out and helps you target the potential problematic issues you need to uncover upfront.
Developing Sales Force Effectiveness 2

Sales Development Report

The Sales Development Report (SDR) assists you to develop and coach sustainable sales behavior that directly impacts effectiveness. It compares individual performance against other successful sales professionals.

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