Here’s the mission, should you choose to accept it: you have to hire the best-performing candidates. How do you separate the good from the great? It’s a common problem plaguing businesses across all industries. The answer may sound strange at first, but it’s much more simple than you think: 

Assessments. Not just 9 Box – that’s backward facing. You need assessments that are forward facing, looking at a candidate across multiple aspects. Humans aren’t flat caricatures, after all. 

Diving into using a battery of assessments to examine potential and performance isn’t to be taken lightly. Like most things, there is a strategy to using assessments to best advantage. 


The Higher the Climb, the Higher the Challenges

Why are assessments so powerful? Take this classic scenario: organizations will have a brilliant contributor that is absolutely on fire in terms of talent, vision, and productivity, but they fall like a house of cards once they step up to the next level. A promotion turns a great contributor into a live grenade, and the entire organization pays the price in one way or another. A well-functioning team can easily fall apart when someone that isn’t ready for leadership steps into a role that doesn’t fit. 

The core way to fight this problem? Assessments, as they draw out areas of opportunity for improvement. Anger issues, conflict resolution skills, and even procrastination can all be uncovered through assessments. 

Listen to this month’s episode for yourself, and see how the power of assessments can help shift skills not just in the short term, but for long-term progress and honoring the organization’s strategic vision. 

Continuing the Conversation

Next month will feature another podcast from A Strategic View of Hiring, giving you plenty of time to listen to this episode a few times. As always, I’d love to hear what you think. Talk soon! 

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